Alexander Ochakovskih reveals inexhaustible possibilities of traditional marquetry techniques, brilliantly employing it's still-life qualities.

In creative works of the Latvian artist mosaic exists not only as a technique, it has obtained the status of an independent work of art.

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Marquetry practitioner since 1975
Designer and decorator
Craftsman of The Latvian Chamber of Crafts
Global exhibitions in private galleries
CEO of art studio "Ochakovskih"
Trained more than thirty high-level professionals
Created more than tree thousand art peaces
The largest artworks are more than fifty sq.m., which have more than hundred thousand details


Also known as wooden inlay - a kind of mosaic made of figured plates of plywood of various colors and patterns, valuable wood species. The individual plates are toned by the method of immersion in calcined sand. To achieve the original shades and colors, the tree is aged in aqueous solutions. No dyes are used in artists works.




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